In-classroom Workshops

With over 550 workshops in biology/life science, chemistry, earth science, engineering, forensic science, mathematics and physics, students explore a remarkable diversity of exciting topics. For example, they can learn to culture and experiment with various cell types, analyze DNA, perform forensic analyses of hair and cloth, build models of the solar system, or create wind powered cars.

Our hands-on experiments engage students’ attention and make science fun while teaching them the skills needed for a lifetime of successful learning.

Grades K-12

Cost: $250 per workshop hour

See list of workshops:

    Schmahl Workshop Catalog [PDF]

Bring Schmahl Science Workshops to your school

Reduced fee grants for low-income area schools are available on a “first-come, first-serve” basis. Fees for qualifying schools are $25 per workshop hour. When all reduced fee grants are allocated, qualifying schools can be put on a waiting list.

For questions or additional information regarding our in-classroom workshops please email or call Stephanie Mitchell, (408) 281-7595 ext. 11.